7 Vocal Mics Under $700

It's important to have a good vocal mic in your studio. Finding the right mic can be a little difficult and seeing numbers like $3,599 probably scare you. But don't worry, you can get a great mic for almost any budget.

1) Shure SM57/58 (Dynamic) - $99



As the most popular microphones, the SM57/58 give you a consistent sound every time. They work on drums, instruments, and of course vocals. They're extremely durable, and are also great for live performances.

2) AKG C214 - $399

The cost-effective version to their C414, the C214 is a great mic for home studios. It has slight bumps at 3kHz and 12kHz to give you an up front and bright sound with clarity. 

3) Rode NT1-A - $229

One of the world's most popular condenser mics, the NT1-A gives warmth and clarity at an amazing price. It's commonly sold in a bundle with a shockmount, pop filter and XLR cable.

4) Neumann TLM102 - $699

The name TLM102 brings that beloved Neumann quality at a fair price. There's a slight boost above 6kHz that helps add clarity to the vocal and it captures a great sounding bass range. Also, there is a pop filter integrated into the mic's grille.

5) Sennheiser MD421 II - $379

The MD421 has a good output and great dynamic range. Since it has such a high SPL, it is popular with Rap and Rock vocals.

6) Rode K2 - $699

With the K2, you get a rich and detailed tube sound without any harshness. If warm and smooth with great vintage character is what you're looking for, then you found your mic.

7) sE2200a II C - $299

With the sE22200a you get a solid sound with great presence. Smooth on the mids and definition on the lows. Popularly known for being the main mic used during the recording of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" album.