8 Things A Recording Artist Should Remember

If you’re serious about your music, then you should consider these 8 things.

1. Avoid Noise

You don’t want to listen back to a perfect take and hear something that shouldn’t be there. This can negatively affect the mixing process.

If you’re recording at home, make sure your speakers are off.  If you’re in a studio, make sure the booth is sound proof if the engineer has the speakers loud.

Also, make sure you’re phone is on silent, NOT VIBRATE. A mic can still pick up a phone that has a a loud vibrate setting.

2. Don’t Have Crowded Studio

Do you bring your girlfriend to work?  No.  Leave her outta the studio. Its not time to show off.

And unless your boys are part of the creating process, they will most likely be a distraction, so leave them out too.

Especially if you’re in an expensive studio paying $100/hr.

3. Be Focused

Concentrate on the take. Don’t think about doubles, or ad-libs, or what you’re doing after the session. And while listening back to takes try to stay off instagram for one minute.

4. Set The Recording Atmosphere

Do what you have to do to be comfortable.  This will help you deliver a much better take.

A lot of artists like the room to be dark; it lets you feel like you’re alone in the booth.

Get creative if you want.

Use black lights, get into a zone, your eyes are distractions to your ears so the less you see, the better.

5. Sing It Like You Mean It

Get in the moment of whatever you’re trying to express. If you’re a singer, singing a song about love, don’t sound like a boring non-emotional person, because you won’t sound believable and your song will sound corny.

6. Memorize Your Lyrics

I promise you’ll get better takes when you’re not reading off your iPhone and concentrating on the next line rather than you’re delivery.

7. Don’t Be Scared To Improvise

If you’re in your home studio, you have all the time in the world. It’s free. Try a crazy harmony. Scream on an ad-lib. Say a line differently than you intended.

8. Prepare Your Vocal Cords

Whether you’re a singer or a rapper, you should warm your voice up.

If you’ve ever been into a real studio, you would have noticed that they keep a lot of hot beverage options.

We recommend tea with honey. Using honey before you record will coat your throat and relieve soreness from your vocal cords being overworked or stressed.

Don’t burn your throat though, so avoid hot pockets (just a side note).

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