We are a Team of Audio Engineers and Producers

In my audio engineering career, I have spent time working in multiple studios, major and independent, throughout NYC.

As I learned new techniques and methods, it made me look back on past sessions and mixes and think “Wow I wish I knew this trick last year.” I also noticed that a lot of engineers really weren’t trained properly and would constantly make rookie mistakes that made me scratch my head.

Approaching studio sessions with focus and not trying to be the “cool guy,” as well as learning from mistakes I’ve seen others make, molded me into who I am.

My work ethic definitely showed in my sessions because I constantly had clients tell me, “I’m only working with Modo from now on.”

So finally, one day I realized that I should be taking all my methods and strategies and sharing them with others.  Over 10 years of experience and well over 10,000 hours in the studio has taught me many do’s and don’ts.

Overall, I want to help shave as much time off of your learning curve as possible and get you up to pro tools expert faster than anywhere else can.

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