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The 9 Most Important Hot Keys

1) Smart Tool Command + 7 2) Create New Track Command + Shift + N 3) Import Audio Command + Shift + I 4) Duplicate Track Options + Shift + D 5) Split Region Command + E 6) Mute Region Command + M 7) Loop Record Option + L 8) Fade Options Command + F […]

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10 Guidelines To Keep A Recording Session Running Smoothly

1. Test setup before the client arrives. Go in the booth as if you’re the recording artist. Set rough levels for the headphones and the mic. Also, set desired plugins (compressors, EQ, etc) or use a template. 2. Label and color code Do this for every track. Designate a specific color for Verse, Chorus, each […]

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5 Quick Tips For Vocal Recording

1. Use A Decent Mic Don’t use a $10 mic and expect to get anything to sound half way decent. We recommend at least a $150 mic from a Sam Ash/Guitar Center/Sweetwater.  You can achieve a good sounding vocal with this in combination with a good preamp. And always use a pop filter! 2. Use […]

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8 Things A Recording Artist Should Remember

If you’re serious about your music, then you should consider these 8 things. 1. Avoid Noise You don’t want to listen back to a perfect take and hear something that shouldn’t be there. This can negatively affect the mixing process. If you’re recording at home, make sure your speakers are off.  If you’re in a […]

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