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GEAR ALERT – Royer Labs R-10 Ribbon Mic

Royer Labs introduces the R-10 Studio/Live Ribbon Mic, for only $499.An excerpt from their website’s article: “Vocals record record warm and naturally on an R-10, and the EQ-friendliness of the R-10 allows for dialing in completely different sounds with liberal use of EQ. Try experimenting with cutting bass at 100 Hz and opening up 12K by […]

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Making.WAVs: Kaytranada

by: @VibrativeMedia  Drawing upon his Haitian upbringing, as well as from a range of musical influences to develop his signature sound, Montreal based DJ/Producer Kaytranada is making waves. A part of SoundCloud’s then emerging beatmaking community, Kaytranada found success after a string of widely buzzed-about releases that included his 2012 remix of Janet Jackson’s “If.” […]

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FPB01 – Eq by Compressing??

In the video below, Tony Maserati shows an example of how you can control the EQ on a Lead Vocal track with the Waves C4 multi-band compressor.This plugin is available for purchase here.FOOL PROOF BREAK DOWN1.  He shows how it can compensate for a singer going through different registers (deeper-bassier notes up to a higher […]

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7 Vocal Mics Under $700

It’s important to have a good vocal mic in your studio. Finding the right mic can be a little difficult and seeing numbers like $3,599 probably scare you. But don’t worry, you can get a great mic for almost any budget. 1) Shure SM57/58 (Dynamic) – $99 SM57 SM58 As the most popular microphones, the SM57/58 give […]

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In ‘Under 5 Minutes’ YouTube Series

So we’re all about teaching you guys the best way to do things and of course, SPEED is always important. So forget clicking through a 45 minute YouTube video and waiting for buffering, just watch our U5M Series. And we recommend subscribing to our YouTube Page so you get alerts when we post new ones! […]

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