FPB01 – Eq by Compressing??

In the video below, Tony Maserati shows an example of how you can control the EQ on a Lead Vocal track with the Waves C4 multi-band compressor.

This plugin is available for purchase here.


1.  He shows how it can compensate for a singer going through different registers (deeper-bassier notes up to a higher note).

​2. Take note of the volume automation he has on the vocal track. Although he doesn't go over it in this video, this technique is really effective to help certain words cut through a mix. You're essentially compressing them manually to perfection. (The volume automation is post fader remember, after it runs through the plugins on the track).

3. The visual gain reduction of each band in this plugin is great because it can show where a lot of energy from a sound might be coming, which could cause a regular one band compressor to react inappropriately (unless you  input signal)

4. Notice this plugin is used on an already very dynamically balanced vocal​ (Whether it was recorded that way or printed with processing previously). It is not the first compressor on a raw vocal.

5. He mentions raising the High Mids and the Highs, the more PRESENT frequencies. He raises the gain on these two bands, and then lowers the threshold and range to a even this out​.

6. You can trick the ear by giving the appearance of these higher frequencies; allowing them to cut through (notice he makes the atack slower) but then be tucked back down slightly (a small threshold and range).

​7. Notice the consistent size of the waveforms. The "with your heart babe" part at 5:37 has a level that is consistent with some other parts where he is belting out. This was probably recorded on a separate take where the recording engineer gained him higher, or was done inside pro tools.  Taking the time to do that kind of balancing, will really help any compression you're using react a lot smoother.

8. Use TWO C4s. That second C4 can be an assistant to focus on one small problem area.

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