Gear You Need


Platform: Mac or PC

RAM: At least 4GB

Storage: At least 500GB External Hard Drive

To check compatibility and upgrade info for the different Operating Systems (ex. Mac OS Lion) and different versions of Pro Tools, click the button below.


Obviously you need software, and obviously you’re using or going to be using the industry standard Pro Tools.

To check compatibility and upgrade info for the different Operating Systems (ex. Mac OS Lion) and different versions of Pro Tools, click the button below.


There are many interfaces available to use with Pro Tools software.

Smaller ones like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Presonus Audiobox, mbox2, etc., are perfect for Bootstrap home studios, and are very affordable.

Due to the rapid change in audio interfaces and their prices, visit the link below for accurate pricing and details.


For recording vocals I recommend a Large-diaphragm Condenser Mic.

There are many good Mics available for under $250 (Rode NT-1A, AKG P120).

I do not recommend using a USB mic.

Check out some current mics by clicking below.


I recommend buying Active Studio Monitors.

They are also called Powered Monitors because they have an amp inside, which makes life easier.

You can get a great pair for less than $500.

Check out some current monitor prices by clicking below.​


I recommend closed back Headphones.

You want a nice full sound, especially when recording vocals.

The vocalist will deliver a better performance when they can hear themselves clearly.

I've always loved Audio-Technica headphones.


XLR and TRS are the two connections you’ll be mainly using.

Then of course there are AC power cords, USB cables, Firewire, Thunderbolt, S/PDIF and MIDI.

Mogami is a highly preferred brand of audio cables


I recommend a Tripod Mic Stand because of it’s multi purpose features.

Use it on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, etc., and have freedom with the angle of your mic placement.

These are generally very inexpensive.


This is a necessity for recording vocals. Pop filters help block out bursts of air that can occur when the vocalist says a word that is a plosive (Ex: words that start with P).

They’re often bundled in with Microphones, but are inexpensive to purchase separately.

The cloth ones can sometimes get a little smelly and need to be cleaned with soap and water.



Mostly used to record multiple people at once.

It gives the person recording control over volume if booth is far from interface.

Also allows multiple people to listen if speakers have to be off.



Boost signal going into Pro Tools.

Give a color to the voice or instrument being recorded.

A lot of preamps come with a compressor and/or an EQ built in that you can additionally use.



These can be great to use depending on where you’re mic is setup.

In a booth with glass behind the mic, it comes in handy to block those reflections from picking up.

They’re a little pricey, but you can always make a Bootstrap Reflection Filter.