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4.5 hours of lectures

Start making better sounding mixes quickly. Learn the proper techniques, system settings, and workflow to allow your mixes to sound how they should. Learn EQ, Compression, Effects, Auto Tune, Mastering and more. Listen, fix, mix, repeat!

Tutorials & Templates

Waves plugins vocal template

Waves Plugins Vocal Template

If you have access to Waves plugins, then this template is for you. Notice an instant jump in quality on your vocals with this recording template. Easy, simple, and all the setup work is done for you!

vocals that pop in pro tools

Vocals That Pop

"Vocals That Pop" simplifies a classic engineering technique used to make sure that vocals NEVER get lost in the mix. This in-depth tutorial will change how you mix vocals from here on out.

Total Time: 13:09

audio mastering tutorial pro tools

Hip Hop Mix Template

Instant setup to kill a full Hip Hop mix. Subgroups, effects, and plugins are setup, but due to the average computer's  RAM, you should use the Waves Vocal Template for a full out vocal setup. For a full list of all the plugins used,


audio mastering tutorial pro tools

Modo's Mastering Tutorial

Want your tracks loud? Having issues with them sounding squashed? In this tutorial you'll learn techniques using a variety of plugins (stock and premium). You also get a session with these plugin chains included.

Total Time: 12:13

Vocals That Pop Bundle

Your Custom Vocal Template

Send us a session and we'll send you back your own personal customized template based on your home studio and your available plugins.

Vocals That Pop Bundle

Vocals That Pop Ultimate Bundle

This Ultimate Bundle includes "Building The Perfect Take", Vocals That Pop", and "The Waves Plugins Vocal Template".

Mix Hip Hop Beats

Mixing Hip Hop Beats

In these 3 videos, learn how to organize a session, allow headroom, comp/limiting, overball balance and getting beefed up drums. 

Total Time: 30:38

audio mastering tutorial pro tools

Start-To-Finish Hip Hop Mix

The ultimate 2 part video to walk you through the ENTIRE mixing process. From opening a session and setting up quickly, to gates, EQ corrections, New York Compression, effects, and lots of hot keys you should be aware of.

Total Time: 69:52

Vocals That Pop Bundle

[Stock Vs Premium Plugins] Vocal Chain Comparison

Using Stock plugins vs Premium plugins on a female R&B vocal and a male Rap vocal.

Total Time: 8:48

Vocals That Pop Bundle

[Stock Vs Premium] New York Compression on Vocals

Part 2 of 'Stock Vs Premium Plugins' where New York Compression is explained.

Total Time: 11:14

audio mastering tutorial pro tools

Basic Mix For A Singer

Inside a vocal mix with female R&B group Nina Sky.

Total Time: 15:25

basic mix rap song pro tools

Basic Mix of a Rap Song

Go inside the mix for "I Want You Girl" and see the vocal chains used. Bonus: see the mastering chain used!

Total Time: 12:26

building the perfect take in pro tools

Building The Perfect Take

Follow the step by step method to get every verse, chorus, and bridge PERFECT. This technique was used on the Fall Out Boy "Light Em Up Remix" with almost 1 million views!

Total Time: 9:12

building the perfect take in pro tools

Creating A Clean Version

Six different methods for hiding curses and making a radio edit.

Total Time: 7:48

basic mix rap song pro tools

Printing Tracks in Pro Tools

Save processing power during mixing with the popular technique known as "printing."

Total Time: 3:37

understanding audio compression pro tools

Phoenix Method

Our secret method on how to fix drums in a 2-Track beat.

Total Time: 4:41

Vocals That Pop Bundle

Understanding EQ

A beginner's guide to using EQ on Vocals. Understand High Pass and Low Pass filters, Q knobs, and look at examples using Graphic and Parametric EQ plugins.

Total Time: 11:52

Vocals That Pop Bundle

Understanding Reverb, Delay, Busses And Sends

A beginner's guide to Reverb and Delay, and simplified explanation of Busses and Sends

Total Time: 8:41

audio mastering tutorial pro tools

Understanding AutoTune

A beginner's guide to AutoTune EFX and AutoTune Evo.  Most importantly, learn how to set AutoTune properly.

Total Time: 4:43

understanding audio compression pro tools

Understanding Compression for Vocals

Does your brain hurt when you hear the word compression? Get the 411 on attack, release, threshold, knee, ratio, and all the complicated stuff about compression for vocals in this tutorial.

Total Time: 16:03

Vocals That Pop Bundle

Key Preferences/System Optimization

Set your session up for success with these system optimizations.

Total Time: 4:45

Vocals That Pop Bundle

Edit Window Prep

This is important for 'Workflow Kickstart.' Make your life easier with these few steps.

Total Time: 4:02

audio mastering tutorial pro tools

Basic Setup with Our 'ACED' Vocal Chain

Learn how to get a good clean basic vocal. What we call the "ACED" vocal chain.

Total Time: 12:46

Vocals That Pop Bundle

Our FREE Vocal Template

Using all stock plugins, our FREE Vocal Template will give you an instant dope setup and have your vocals sounding better in under 10 minutes.